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Honeywell eZtrend QXe electronic recorder, 3-channel, four alarms, 8, and events to choose.


EZtrend QXe Honeywell electronic recorder, 3-channel, four alarms, each eventsrj45 8 selected


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  • Honeywell eZtrend QXe its touch screen
  • cost-effective electronic data collection in a compact DIN
  • program up to six user-defined alarms. Light pen. Declared the limitations of the
  • durable touch screen provides easy data entry and navigation through the menu fast
  • Category: paperless records
  • . Input Type: EMF (MV, V and mA), thermocouple, RTD, and
  • alarm relay contacts (no): SPDT 3 rated; 120 VAC resistive load
  • . Front panel

  • (no): IP54 and NEMA, 3
  • Storage: Internal: 70 MBExternal: Parameters storageSetup USB: storage in the EEPROM
  • precision
  • . 0.10% of range
  • display
  • : Size: in diagonalType 5: Color LCD (TFT) Resolution: 320X ratio pixelsUpdate 240:1 seconds
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x the width of the H . 5.75 x in D 11
  • channel 3
  • digital inputs: two voltage contacts
  • opening panel
  • : 5.43 x 5.43 in the
  • alarm (no): up to six pen
  • broadcasting alarm
  • (none): Four
  • Communications (none): Ethernet 10/100. Base T, RJ45 with Modbus TCP /, FTP, Internet access, the Department of Health
  • meet CE: yes
  • Fire
  • : 90 到 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz (optional) <. / LI> version
  • : TVEZQX – 31 – 010 – 12 – 0 – 008 – 0U
  • Several manufacturers
  • : TVEZQX – 31 – 010 – 12 – 0 – 008 – 0U
  • the number of .
  • : AO – 80660 – 47
  • package
  • : each

Introduction RJ45 connector


These electronic records provide a flexible common data record, so you can easily monitor and control process instrumentation. Symbols and a free program, so that the speed of data to be displayed in the most appropriate storage. All the time and date automatically with real-time clock marker information. These notes provide enhanced security options to prevent changes to an accident up to four levels of passwo program



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We RJ45 connectors .

Honeywell eZtrend QXe Electronic Recorder, 6 channels, with 4 Alarms

Discount Honeywell eZtrend QXe Electronic Recorder, 6 channels, with 4 Alarmsrj45 connector

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  • Honeywell eZtrend QXe Touch Screen Recorders
  • Cost-effective electronic data collection in a compact DIN-sized recorder
  • Program up to 6 user-definable soft alarms per pen to announce out-of-limit conditions
  • Durable touch screen provides easy data entry and rapid navigation through menus
  • Product Type: Paperless Recorders
  • Input type: EMF (mV, V, and mA), thermocouple, and RTD
  • Alarm relay contact (None): SPDT rated at 3 A; 120 VAC resistive load
  • Front panel (None): IP54 and NEMA 3
  • Data storage: Internal: 70 MBExternal: USB storageSetup parameters: stored in EEPROM
  • Accuracy: 0.10% of span
  • Display: Size: 5 in diagonalType: color LCD (TFT)Resolution: 320x 240 pixelsUpdate rate: 1 second
  • Dimensions: 5.75 in W x 5.75 in H x 11 in D
  • No. of channels: 6
  • Digital input: two voltage-free contacts
  • Panel cutout: 5.43 in x 5.43 in
  • Alarm set points (None): up to 6 per pen
  • Alarm relay (None): Four
  • Communications (None): Ethernet 10/100 base T, RJ45 connector supports Modbus/TCP, FTP, Internet, DH
  • CE Compliance: Yes
  • Power: 90 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz (selectable)
  • Model: TVEZQX-61-010-12-0-000-0U
  • Manufacturer number: TVEZQX-61-010-12-0-000-0U
  • Part Number: AO-80660-51
  • Package Quantity: EACH

rj45 connector Product Description

These electronic recorders provide flexible, general-purpose data recording that enables you to monitor and control your process instrumentation with ease. Logging rates and chart speeds can be programmed independently allowing data to be displayed and stored at the best-suited rate. All data logged is automatically time-and-date stamped with a real time clock. These recorders provide enhanced security options that protect programs from accidental change with allowing up to four levels of passwo

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