MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight, Black

Buy MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight, BlackFlashlight

Best buy the top 10 Flashlight we recomment. If you are looking for Flashlight, We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Because this is a good product and cheaper.

  • Heavy-duty 4 D-cell flashlight
  • For task and emergency lighting
  • Powerful, projecting beam focuses simply by rotating the head
  • Self-cleaning 3-position rotary switch: on, off, and signal
  • High-strength aluminum alloy case

Flashlight Product Description

Bright lights, burly cases, fail-safe on/off switches, virtual indestructibility: there are very good reasons to rave about Mag Instrument flashlights. It goes without saying that a flashlight defeats its own purpose if it can’t be trusted, which is why so many people spend a little extra for this four D-cell Mag-Lite. We’ve dropped ours off ladders, kicked it down stairs–just generally abused the thing–and it lights up now just as readily as it did when we first turned it on. Speaking of whic

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3 Responses to “MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight, Black”

  1. Brian_C says:
    47 of 48 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The biggest and best MagLite, December 2, 2000
    Brian_C (Erie, PA) –

    I’ve owned one of these for almost 10 years now. It is the best flashlight I ever purchased. I bought it when I was in college and worked as a Student Auxiliary for the college Police Department. My flashlight has suffered a great deal more then most flashlights can handle. It’s been dropped, run over, used as a hammer, used to pound in tent stakes, constantly taken on road trips, I can’t even remember all of the things I’ve done to it. All I can tell you is it still works.

    To keep it working well you should occasionally apply a small amount of Vaseline to the threads to keep the threads and O-rings lubricated. If you do this it should last you a long time.

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  2. Bess "Somewhere In The Universe" says:
    108 of 122 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Maglite 6D- A Club That’s Also a Light, October 2, 2010
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Maybe you’re a cop or security guard, maybe you’re a guy who lives in a place where you can’t carry a firearm, maybe you’re just someone looking to fill the ‘use of force’ void that exists between shooting someone the bird and shooting them between the eyes. Any way you look at it, lets not beat around the bush here… Anyone buying this light is doing so for one reason only, the ‘light’ aspect being totally secondary to that one reason. It’s a club that doubles as a flashlight.

    So, how do we judge it on the objective criteria?

    As a whuppin’ stick, it definitely works- so well that some ‘kinder, gentler’ Police Departments don’t even allow it anymore. Kind of a bummer that they discontinued the thinner 6C; barring finding one second hand and paying a real scalpers price for it, the 5D/6D is the pretty much the only ‘in production’ option in the Mag line for a “big defensive flashlight” but that’s OK. Unless you have very small hands, the 6D is perfectly controllable.

    It’s big. Really, really big. The light itself is about 19.5″ long- a foot and a half- in total. When weighted down with cels, it’s heavy, too.

    You will want to tread lightly with this, as it definitely would generate enough striking force to fracture a skull, break bones. Be damn sure you’re legally justified to use it, if you ever do use it. You can hurt someone with it. It’s does cut a pretty intimidating profile. Walking around with one, it’s almost as if you’re carrying a bat. In some situations, this is OK. In other situations, where drawing attention to yourself isn’t the desired outcome, you’d definitely want to leave this one home (in this regard, probably worth noting that given its weight, this is essentially a two handed club. I’m a large guy who has decent enough working strength- swinging a six D-cel flashlight with one hand is pretty slow going. Slow enough that you might risk your adversary grabbing on to it)

    As far as brightness, it’s bright by ‘bright enough’ standards. Not bright enough to impress flashlight geeks who obsess over marginally relevant technical details on internet forums, plenty bright for Average Joe to use for real world stuff. Unless something has changed, these are still shipping with incandescent bulbs, which aren’t anywhere near as bright as a good LED (for example, the Maglite 3d LED torch is significantly brighter)… of course, let us not forget the reason we bought this in the first place. The ‘flashlight’ part is a secondary consideration, or, a primary consideration inasmuch as it allows us to carry it around in places where the same thing absent the flashlight function would be considered an unlawful bludgeon or club.

    If you want to juice the light aspect up to balls-out bright, terralux makes an upgrade that turns the thing into a portable sun… It’s pricey- three times the cost of the light itself- but it does add a monumental upgrade in brightness (700 lumens), which can be quite practical. If you shine that into someones face, they’re either turning away, or, if they’re really determined to keep advancing, they’ll be doing so blinded and/or with their eyes closed, at which point we option the ‘club’ functionality.

    I don’t throw around the five star rating too often, but this is a five star piece. Right now, as of October 2010, with Amazon free shipping on purchases over 25, you can get one shipped to your door for right at 25 bucks. Is this worth 25 bucks? Hell yeah.

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  3. Bibliophile says:
    34 of 37 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is the Flashlight you need, August 7, 2000

    I have three of these flashlights and they are fantastic. I keep one in the garage (see accessory section for mounting bracket), one on the fireplace mantle, and one in my car. They all work perfectly, project a bright, adjustable beam, and feel great in your hand. Not only does it work in normal conditions, but the gaskets and buttons do a great job keeping water out – I live in the Pacific Northwest and use it in the rain frequently with no problems.

    This is the same model that many of our local law enforcement types use day-in / day-out. I’d image that may a miscreant has received a “bop” on the head with one of these babies and will think twice before resuming their layabout ways.

    Get one of these with three fresh Duracell’s and you’re set. This flashlight will last you a lifetime!

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